A Guide for the Submission of Author Queries

We are interested in proposals for outstanding books in the Western Magical Tradition, in areas ranging from classical grimoires to modern ritual magick, from the Golden Dawn to the Ordo Templi Orientis, from Theurgia to Goetia, from esoteric Freemasonry to Hermetic Qabbalah, from Alchemy to Enochiana.

Azoth Press will not be publishing non-English-language books, fiction, channeled teachings, or poetry.

Your submission must include the following:

Cover letter, containing:

  • Brief description of the proposed book
  • Total estimated word count of the proposed book
  • List of contents in the query package
  • Brief summary of the author’s background, expertise, and any credentials relevant to the subject matter of the proposed book
  • List of the author’s previous publications
  • An answer to the following question: Who are the expected purchasers of the proposed book, and why will they wish to own it?
  • An answer to the following question: What existing books are similiar to the proposed book, and how is the proposed book different?
  • An answer to the following question: What does the author intend to do to promote interest in the proposed book to its audience (i.e., does the author blog, present at conferences, etc.)?
  • Contact information: including email address, postal address, and daytime telephone number

Book sample, containing:

  • Table of contents (with chapter descriptions)
  • Two to three sample chapters

Submissions (preferably in the form of a Microsoft Word document) should ideally meet the following stylistic guidelines:

  • 12-point type
  • Running header with book title and page number on each page

When your submission is ready, it may be sent as an attachment (preferably Zipped) to an email to the following address: