Azoth Press was founded by Larry L. Roberts and Adam P. Forrest in 2016 with the unique publication of Liber Spirituum in a limited edition of 500 copies.

Our purpose is to create extraordinary books by practicing magicians for the practicing magician, with a standard of knowledge influenced by years of dedicated occult study and magical experience, books which will not only contribute to the evolution and transformation of the practitioner, but also add to the magician’s library a collection of unique, hand-made tomes meant to last for generations.

Magical books should be Hermetic and talismanic works of art produced by the conjunction of well-written, well-researched, and enlightening content with beautiful design and elegant binding. In line with our goal of creating such magical volumes for practitioners and scholars of the Great Work, all Azoth Press books are hand-bound by artisans with decades of experience in the fields of printing and master bookbinding. Each book is manufactured not only to a high æsthetic standard to please the eye and hand, but also to a demanding standard of artisanship and materials, so that each rare volume may be handed down, read, and used in their practice by generations of magicians to come.


All books are hand made by bookbinding artisans with decades of experience in the field. Azoth Press gives extra care and attention to the layout and design of both the exterior and interior of each titles we publishes. All production aspects are overseen by Larry Roberts who has been publishing small press limited edition titles for over 15 years and was the recipient of the Bram Stoker award in 2009 for Excellence in Specialty Press Publishing. He has published well over 100 limited edition hardcovers in his publishing career.


We publish books that are magical talismans for practicing magicians and they are designed with this in mind. Books are made to last generations--from the quality of the paper to the exotic binding materials used. They are meant to be used and cherished by the individual magician or within your magical community.


Editorial duties at Azoth Press are lead by our Editor in Chief, Adam P. Forrest who has been writing, editing and practicing magic for over 30 years. See Adam’s full bio.

Liber Sprituum